A Memento of the Fallen

A glimpse of the mood and meaning behind the naming of our Memento series. Being a personal favorite of mine, I instantly knew what to name them and on what basis. The poppy flowers generally symbolize remembrance, and my take on that was more on the melancholic side. The tone becomes heavier as a result, but at the same time I find that more meaning can be conveyed.
— Evangelynn
Image Source: Canva

Image Source: Canva


The barren battlefield overlaps the once thriving terrain. The aftermath of a ruthless war, a land soaked with rage, fear, and sorrow. Yet somewhere discreet, under the soft sunset glow, lies a field of scarlet poppies. The land is dry and desolate, yet somehow they continuously emerge, slowly reshaping the lifeless ground. Lit by the crimson skies, a melancholic scenery is reflected.

Perhaps this place was once dyed a tranquil green. Trampled down by the unsympathetic tanks, over and over. Overseeing a fierce clash where loved ones claim each others’ lives, a setting where only tragedy is born. The sorrow in the air is unwavering. Paying no heed to the ticking clock, it remains unchanged. Even so, the poppies bloom. Slowly, silently, the emergence of life envelopes the sorrowful atmosphere with a sense of glimmering hope. Surrounded by the barren lands, a gentle sight begins to take shape towards the once lost tranquility.

The fallen do not rise, but perhaps someday, war will come to an end.



Below is our Memento series, the inspiration behind ‘A Memento of the Fallen’.